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Curricula resources

CCHRSC Resources

CCHRSC has a number of resources and tools that are useful for ECE post-secondary faculty:

CCHRSC Fact Sheet for ECE Post-Secondary Faculty: this fact sheet summarizes valuable information on CCHRSC tools and resources specifically for ECE post-secondary faculty.

Video Profiles: this video interview series provides a first-hand look into what it means to work as an administrator or early childhood educator in the sector. The profiles will help to promote careers in ECE and/or help provide students or potential employees with insight into occupations in the sector.

Occupational Standards for Child Care Administrators: these Occupational Standards focus on skills required by directors, supervisors, administrators, managers and lead or head educators in an ECEC environment. They reflect best practices in the administration of early childhood settings and can be used by ECE post-secondary faculty for curriculum development or improvement.

Occupational Standards for Early Childhood Educators (ECEs): these Occupational Standards describe the knowledge, skills and abilities front-line ECEs need to do their jobs effectively. Faculty can use the standards as a basis for evaluating and improving curriculum, training and professional development.

How To Use the Occupational Standards for ECEs: How-To Guide and Video Series: This step-by-step How-To Guide describes five potential uses for these occupational standards, including using them to inform and assess early childhood post-secondary education programs.

Other Resources

The following is a collection of tools and resources that were submitted by participants and workshop presenters from the ECE Affinity Group Forums. If you have suggestions for other resources/tools we might include, please write to us at

PowerPoint Presentations

The Changing Landscapes of Early Childhood Education: presented by Robin McMillan, Senior Consultant, Canadian Child Care Federation.

Managing Student Complaints: presented by Farbod Karimi, Faculty, Algonquin College.

Strengthening Recruitment and Retention – Practical Uses of the Child Care Human Resources Sector Council (CCHRSC) Occupational Standards and Other HR Tools: presented by Joanne Morris, Faculty, College of the North Atlantic, and Cindy Page, CCHRSC Board Member and Instructor, Northern Lights College and Vancouver Island University.


My Virtual Child: An interactive web-based simulation that allows students to raise a child from birth to age 18 and monitor the effects of parenting decisions over time. For more information, visit the website