Requirements to work in regulated group child care - Nova Scotia


All staff working with children in a licensed child care facility must be classified. There are four levels of Classification:

1. Entry Level Classification: Staff who do not meet the regulated training requirements must complete the Orientation for Staff Working in Licensed Child Care Facilities within the first year of employment.

2. Level One Classification:

  • Completion of the Orientation for Staff Working in Licensed Child Care Facilities and Level 1 course work and workplace experience as defined in Standards or
  • One year Early Childhood Education Certificate from a recognized post- secondary institution or
  • The equivalent of early childhood education as defined in former regulations, granted on or before May 1, 201.

3. Level Two Classification:

  • Two year Early Childhood Education Diploma from a recognized post-secondary institution

4. Level Three Classification:

  • Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education from a recognize post- secondary institution or
  • The requirements for Level 2 classification and a bachelor’s degree in any discipline froma recognized post-secondary institution

Two-thirds of staff in a licensed centre must hold Level One, Two or Three. Classification, and directors must hold Level two or Three Classification.

Two-thirds of staff in a licensed school-age program must hold Level one, two or three Classification or School-Age Training Approval.

School-Age Training Approval:

  • Bachelor’s degree in early or elementary education from a recognized post-secondary institution and
  • Completion of the Orientation for Staff Working in Licensed Child Care Facilities