Related qualifications acquired in province - Saskatchewan


The Manager of Credentials and Quality Improvement assesses the applicant's transcript against the certification requirements and identifies equivalencies and any additional courses required. Certification requirements are based on course hours in four categories:

  • ECE I: Requires 40 hours in each of Child Development, Programming and Relationships;
  • ECE II: Requires 120 hours in each of Child Development, Relationships and Related Courses, and 160 hours in Programming;
  • ECE III: Requires 160 hours in Child Development, 240 hours in Programming, 280 hours in Relationships and 380 hours in Related Courses.

Note: There is no requirement for a practicum in the equivalency process for ECE II and III when equivalencies are based on a compilation of courses outside an ECE Certificate or Diploma program. 

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) is available at SIAST if the individual has two years experience in the ECE field within the last five years.  All courses for the ECE certificate program can be challenged through PLAR, as well as all courses for the ECE Diploma program.

Click here for the SIAST PLAR Guide.