Related qualifications acquired in province - Alberta



A number of post-secondary educational programs related to human services are considered equivalent and an individual who has completed such a program is eligible for certification.  For a list of educational equivalencies, click on Educational Equivalency Chart.

A college-level English or French course is also required for certification as a Child Development Worker or Child Development Supervisor as part of, or in addition to, the completed educational program.

Individuals who have not completed a course of study, or who have completed a program not on the list above, may have their courses assessed against a Course Hours Equivalency Chart, which sets out the number of course hours required in five content areas for each level of certification. 

Certification requirements are based on course hours in five categories:

  • A Child Development Worker requires 120 hours in Child Development, 145 hours in Programming, 60 hours in Relationships, 400 hours of Practicum and 45 hours in Related Courses.
  • A Child Development Supervisor requires 165 hours in Child Development, 295 hours in Programming, 180 hours in Relationships, 800 hours of Practicum and 105 hours in Related Coursework.

For both levels of certification at least one college-level English or French course is required.

See Course Hours Equivalency chart located in the Certification Guide.

There are two routes to recognize competencies acquired through experience and informal learning for certification towards a Child Development Worker: the Life Experience Equivalency Process (LEEP) and the Bow Valley College Challenge process.