Out-of-country ECE qualifications - Manitoba


International credentials and applications are handled on a case-by-case basis.  Usually the applicant is asked to provide a resume and to have an interview with the Qualifications Coordinator. An educational equivalency assessment is conducted by the Manitoba Child Care Program in consultation with the Manitoba Department of Labour and Immigration.  There is no fee for the assessment.

Based on the equivalency assessment, the Qualifications Coordinator determines the classification levels and, if an individual is eligible, may refer them to the Early Childhood Educator/Internationally Educated Qualifications Program (ECE:IEQ).  The program takes approximately 14-16 weeks to complete and, upon successful completion, the individual receives an ECE II classification. Eligibility requires the individual to have at least two years international post-secondary education with an Early Childhood Education focus, experience working in ECE before arriving to Canada, and be underemployed or seeking employment in the child care field. Individuals are assigned a peer mentor/assessor and the program includes an orientation, workshops, networking sessions and access to resource materials.  There is no fee for the IEQ process.