Working in ECEC

Lee Tysowski

Lee Tysowski, Owner
Sing a Rainbow Preschool
Regina, Saskatchewan

In Spring 2000, Lee Tysowski’s dream came true. After years of working with young children and with a newly completed ECE certificate, she became the owner of a preschool centre.

Today, Sing a Rainbow Preschool operates a program for 48 three- and four-year-olds. The program is housed in the classroom of a public school. Lee has access to the school staff room and to staff resources—for example, for children with learning disabilities. The children have regular access to the library, the school playground and the gym.

Lee’s biggest challenge is finding good, committed staff. To stay fully enrolled and charge affordable fees means she can’t pay staff as much as she would like to.

Lee works hard to ensure the preschool runs smoothly. She loves to work with children and takes great joy in seeing them master new skills. She puts in an extra 10 hours to 15 hours a week on non-classroom activities such as planning, purchasing, maintaining contact with parents, and preparing the preschool newsletter and billings.