Message From Board

In  2011, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada announced changes to the Sector Council Program, including the elimination of core funding for all councils by March 2013. The announcement had significant implications for the CCHRSC, which relies on core funding, rather than membership fees to operate.  In September 2012, after much discussion of various options and with great reluctance, the CCHRSC Board made the difficult decision to dissolve the organization. It was clear that the organization could not continue to exist unless there was a way to maintain the excellence and timeliness of its work—the two foundational elements that built the sector council’s reputation. 

Ultimately, we believe the sector has been enriched and strengthened by the CCHRSC on many levels—from the development of more collaborative ways of working together, to the major research, products and resources that were developed during the past 10 years.  We are proud that the council’s work has contributed to increased recognition of the ECEC workforce and its critical importance to providing quality programs to children and their families. While there is much sadness that so much will be lost, we are certain that the CCHRSC’s groundbreaking work will continue to be used for years to come. This legacy includes the results of our final three projects: an expansion of the HR Toolkit released earlier this year; an update of the Occupational Standards for Child Care Administrators first developed in 2006; and an expansive employer-employee survey known as You Bet We Still Care!, all available on this web site.

Also featured on the site is In Just 10 Years: A History of the Child Care Human Resources Sector Council.  The paper provides a frank depiction of the organization’s journey, told from the point of many of the people who were most intimately involved with the CCHRSC throughout the years. The members of the board believed it was important to produce a record of the sector council’s role in advancing human resource issues and bringing them into public prominence. The body of work produced by the CCHRSC is extensive, was often groundbreaking, and always of high quality and relevance to the human resource issues in the sector. We hope you enjoy the paper and continue to access our resources for years to come.