Additional information - Manitoba


Manitoba Child Care Program has an emphasis on ensuring individuals have access to and are encouraged to acquire a post-secondary credential.  Manitoba Child Care facilities have access to numerous forms of training, as well as supports, including:

  • Workplace ECE program seats; 
  • Innovative delivery models for ECE training, such as video streaming the workplace ECE program to regional campuses outside Winnipeg;
  • A staff replacement grant to non-profit centres to cover the cost of substitutes for staff attending ECE workplace training (two days per week) so that workplace students may continue to receive a full salary while completing their two-year ECE diploma;
  • Up to $4,000 in tuition support for individuals enrolled in an approved full-time ECE diploma program. Funds are paid over two years and, upon graduation, the applicant must work for a minimum of two years in child care;
  • Additional government-funded opportunities, such as a $350 annual training grant for CCA and experienced family child care providers as incentive to attain their ECE II, and for ECE IIs wishing to upgrade to an ECE III level.

Manitoba has a nine-person Child Care Staff Qualifications Review Committee to advise the minister on requirements for and qualifications of staff and the relevant training, and to perform related duties and functions as may be required by the minister.