Intended Audiences

Early childhood education and care programs are offered in a variety of settings across Canada. There is no one-size-fits-all HR tool that can meet the diverse needs of individual administrators. This toolkit is a comprehensive resource that contains HR information, leading practices, tools, policies, procedures and templates that can be downloaded and modified to meet the individual requirements of administrators working in a variety of settings. There are a range of resources for both new and seasoned administrators.

In addition to being useful to managers working in child care, the toolkit can be used by:

Employers and Employer Associations

The CCHRSC HR Toolkit is a go-to resource for developing effective human resources policies and practices in early childhood education and care.  The toolkit contains information, templates and tools on a range of issues - from job descriptions and evaluations, to strategic planning, labour relations, and keeping up with relevant legislation. Also included are benefits and low-cost ways to show employees their contribution is valued.

Employees/Early Childhood Educators

HR policies and practices guide and affect employees every day. For those who work in the early childhood education and care sector, the CCHRSC HR Toolkit is a source of comprehensive information on the what, why and how of effective policies and practices in ECEC workplaces, as well as the laws and regulations that protect employees. The toolkit’s resources, ideas and links can help employees who want to understand and contribute to HR policies and practices that promote good working environments where staff are valued.

Labour Organizations

The CCHRSC HR toolkit contains material and information on labour issues and employee practices that help to promote positive union-management relations generally, and specifically in the early childhood education and care sector. This information, as well as examples of language negotiated into the collective agreements of unionized ECEC workplaces, will be of particular interest to unions with members in the sector.

Post-Secondary Institutions and Faculty Members

Whether it’s a course that’s designed for ECEC leaders and administrators or for diploma students, the CCHRSC HR Toolkit can be used by post-secondary institutions to provide information and develop assignments. The toolkit contains comprehensive, sector-specific HR theories and practices on organizational behaviour and culture, governance and policy development. A useful resource in a sector where learning about effective HR practices is of growing importance.

Provincial/Territorial Child Care Organizations

The CCHRSC HR Toolkit can help provincial organizations provide support to their members. These members are often looking for answers to their HR questions—how to evaluate their executive director, set up a board of directors, develop sound policies and practices, and more. Giving them a link to the toolkit will provide them with an accessible, affordable how-to resource.