Orientation is a process for introducing new employees to the organization, its mission, its activities and programs, as well as their job. An employee handbook is often used in an orientation session. The handbook serves as a ready reference to the material covered during the orientation session. The orientation of new employees can provide a great refresher or learning opportunity for their colleagues, who can be asked to present information or guide the newcomer.

Related HR Management Standard 2.5

All new employees are oriented to the position and to the organization.

The purpose of orientation is to:
  • Make the new employee feel welcome
  • Reduce the anxiety of the employee on the first day
  • Socialize the employee to the values and desirable behaviours of the organization
  • Help the new employee be successful in her/his job
  • Enable the new employee to quickly become productive
  • Start building the relationship between the employee and the supervisor

Sample Resources: Orientation

Good Practice:

Assign a buddy to each new employee so that the new employee has a person to go to for assistance and information when the supervisor is not available. The buddy should be an employee who can provide accurate information in a professional and personable manner.